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Bart Kowalczyk 12, December 2020

We have been building our reputation and our network of contacts since our foundation in 2013 in order to continuously improve the range of services we offer our members. 

Take a look at how we can support your businesses in your plans to grow in the UK and beyond. 

Polish Business Link Membership

As a member for as little as £350 + VAT you have access to 50+ events a year and a diverse business community network, PR support, speaking engagements and fantastic networking opportunities. Learn more about Polish Business Link Membership Benefits.

Lead-Generation Service in the UK

If you plan to expand in the UK you might be looking for partners, distributors and other contacts to help you to accomplish your goals. At PBLINK we can produce a lead-generation plan within the PBLINK network and via resources such as Linkedin and even other networking groups. We subscribe to professional, vetted, opt-in databases of business contacts too, which we can scour on your behalf. Our service can cover just sourcing your leads or we can go further, including phoning up potential prospects who have registered interest, arranging meetings with your sales team, representing you at the events in the UK and more.

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B2B Marketing Support for Exporters to the UK

One-stop shop if you plan to enter the UK market

Using our professional associates and contacts we can help you to supercharge your B2B Marketing: Setting up a Linkedin Page; creating professional English content for blogs and social media posts using native-speaker expert copywriters; sourcing leads using Linkedin; helping to open branches and recruit staff; help with visa applications; and preparing legal contracts. With over 100 members, we have trusted contacts to help you focus on any and every aspect of your business. 

Organising Online and Face2Face Events in London and UK

Trade Missions, Exhibitions and more

We’ve organised hundreds of events from 10 to 200 people, in and outside of London. We can source venues, event staff and accommodation and manage logistics. On top of this, we can help you to develop your webinar series to engage with your prospects in the UK using the best available technology tools.

Sales & Marketing Automation

We have teamed up with HubSpot CRM to help our members to automate their business development. It supports multi-language Sales Pipelines and Networking Follow-up system.


EU-Funded Projects

Some of our clients receive funds to develop their presence overseas. We can help with every aspect of EU funding, from creating proposals that will meet funders’ criteria to generating reports from activities in the UK.

Book a call with Bart to see how PBLINK can help you to thrive in the UK.


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At PBLINK we can produce a lead-generation plan within the our network and via resources such as Linkedin

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