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    Bart Kowalczyk

    I help you to get more sales in the UK using HubSpot CRM Software & PBLINK< business networking organisation in London.
    [Polish Business in 2022] Crisis Brings Opportunity. Seize Yours Now.
    By Bart Kowalczyk on 20 December, 2021

    2021 showed us that the pandemic situation will last much longer than we first anticipated. For us as businesses, it’s important to remember two...

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    What You Should Know about long-Term Investment Apps
    By Bart Kowalczyk on 22 November, 2021

    Thanks to advances in technology and the internet, you can do stock exchange from just about anywhere including right from the comfort of your home....

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    Mental health has become a big subject for employers.
    By Bart Kowalczyk on 6 October, 2021

    The statistics are alarming, with stress, depression or anxiety accounting for more than a half of all work-related ill health cases and for more...

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    What Benefits Does Euro 2020 Present to Britain?
    By Bart Kowalczyk on 8 July, 2021

    The much anticipated and slightly delayed Euro 2020 competition is now behind us. A festival of football descended on the UK, Poland, and right...

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    2020 that’s plenty!
    By Bart Kowalczyk on 16 December, 2020

    PBLINK Summary of 2020

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