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Topic: Pblink Guidelines

The Pioneering Pole. How to Build Business as a Migrant Entrepreneur.
By Bill Mair on 25 November, 2020

Polish schools didn’t teach English when Bart Kowalczyk was at school, so he arrived in Britain in 2006, speaking only Polish and German. He took...

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Terms and Conditions & Privacy Policy
By Bart Kowalczyk on 7 September, 2020

General Information

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Code of Conduct
By Bart Kowalczyk on 13 December, 2019

Members & Guests agree to conduct themselves in a professional manner and live up to the ethical standards of their profession. Members & Guests...

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Polish Business Link Event Covid Policy (Face2Face events)
By Bart Kowalczyk on 13 December, 2019

Read before you attend PBLINK Face2Face event

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