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Topic: All About Pblink

What is Women’s Business Link?
By Bart Kowalczyk on 27 October, 2020

Supporting women from all professions   Women’s Business Link (WBL) is a networking group, part of PBLINK, set up by women for women, designed to...

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How to publish events on PBLINK website?
By Bart Kowalczyk on 20 October, 2020

PBLINK Members can publish their own events on the PBLINK event calendar. Events will be promoted on our website and database. This is a great...

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How to submit an article for publishing on Polish Business Blog?
By PBLINK Editor on 13 October, 2020

PBLINK Members can publish content on our blog. We encourage you to send us regular updates about your products /services. You can email your...

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6 months PBLINK Membership Review – what to expect?
By Bart Kowalczyk on 6 October, 2020

If you are looking for returns on your networking investment, you need to engage with the Community. This is not only attending our events but...

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Become a Polish Business Link Partner
By Bart Kowalczyk on 29 September, 2020

PBLINK enjoys a great reputation within the Polish Business Community. But we are punching above our weight on our members’ behalf among the...

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How to request business introductions to another Member?
By Bart Kowalczyk on 22 September, 2020

One of the major benefits of PBLINK membership is being part of our network of members from a rich mix of businesses. You will meet many of them...

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Working with our Polish Construction members in the UK
By Bart Kowalczyk on 16 September, 2020

Polish people in Britain are far more likely to be entrepreneurs than any other nationality, even British. And by far the most popular industry...

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