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    Topic: Translation

    Do I need to translate every page of my website?
    By PBLINK Editor on 7 February, 2023

    A Multilingual Website is a gateway to global opportunity; it engages new audiences and opens the opportunity to become visible across international...

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    Iwona Lebiedowicz - Business Women of the Year at the Signature Awards 2022!
    By PBLINK Editor on 26 September, 2022

    After receiving a client nomination, the Nachural Signature Awards 2022 panel shortlisted PABGroup as finalists in two categories: PAB Languages –...

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    Do you know your International Audience?
    By PBLINK Editor on 25 September, 2022

    There is one simple rule that resides throughout all business - ‘know your clients’, but how well do you know your international audiences? Learn...

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    Translation Technologies – Every language, straight to your ear
    By PBLINK Editor on 28 July, 2022

    Throughout history, the greatest issues with cross-country communication, whether it is just two travellers talking, trade deals or meetings between...

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    Can businesses rely on English as a Global Language?
    By PBLINK Editor on 7 June, 2022

    English is the most spoken language worldwide and is often considered the universallanguage for business, but can international businesses really...

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    Cultural Business Etiquette: 90% of communication is non-verbal, how can you handle that?
    By PBLINK Editor on 5 June, 2022

    Learning a new language is a tricky business. We study, put the work in, practice by travelling, and sometimes still find ourselves all at sea when...

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