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    [Polish Business in 2022] Crisis Brings Opportunity. Seize Yours Now.

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    Bart Kowalczyk 20, December 2021
    2021 showed us that the pandemic situation will last much longer than we first anticipated. For us as businesses, it’s important to remember two things:
    1. People still need to build houses, decorate the garden, appear on social media, do most of what they did before and some new things.
    2.    Times of turmoil throw up unexpected opportunities for those who are looking out for them.

    So, we need to think beyond surviving the crisis, to amending our business models, perhaps creating new products and services. For some of us maybe that means more drastic change: perhaps this is the moment to close a chapter in the company and start the next one, drawing on the experience we’ve built, especially over the last two years.

    Polish Business Events 2021

    Every year at PBLINK we configure the business events on offer to meet the desires and expectations of our members.

    After months of lockdown, many of you told us that you wanted to meet with others. So, despite the difficult conditions, we arranged a series of in-person business meetings in London. in September we managed to organise again the popular Rejs (Cruise) on the Thames and business golf networking in Chiswick, but also smaller meetings in the format of networking over coffee.

    At the same time, we ran online business networking. There was, among others, the British Polish Construction Forum, the Polish Business Roadshow project, networking during lunch, but also a Polish Business Lunch in London at the Polish Embassy. We also trialled a hybrid meeting format in November with the British Polish IT Forum, supporting Polish technology companies in the UK.

    Looking outwards, we took an exciting opportunity to team up with other business groups in London. We organised meetings as part of Global Network UK, attended by entrepreneurs from various organizations, including The UK Confederation, The British Argentine Chamber of Commerce, The Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce in the UK and London Connector, as well as PBLINK.

    What will 2022 be like for Polish Business Owners?

    The results of the surveys over this year are in: over 70% of you prefer to meet face to face going forward, and this is the way we will be building the Polish Business Link event programs for the next year, restrictions allowing. We won’t give up online meetings, but they will be fewer, and more focused on providing specific, expert knowledge.

    Our plans include: continued cooperation with the Polish Embassy; webinars for Polish exporters; dedicated industry events; and meetings in smaller groups in the centre of London, such as business breakfasts and masterminds.

    If you run a business and are looking for inspiration for 2022, we warmly invite you to get involved in our business groups.


    Bartłomiej Kowalczyk

    Founder and Director

    Polish Business Link 


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