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The Importance of project management in electrical contracting

Picture of Grzegorz Kasprzak
Grzegorz Kasprzak 26, August 2021

As experienced and qualified electrical engineers, we understand the importance of being able to provide full project management for our clients. From ideas and design concepts, all the way through to installation, GK Electrical contractors are here to manage your electrical projects every step of the way.

GK Electrical Contractors is a family run business led by Greg and Tiba.  Greg is the Founder and Operations Director who has more than 25 years’ experience of electrical project management; supported by an experienced and qualified team of professional electricians whom individually specialise in different areas of electrical installation work.

Our understanding and experience in the industry mean that we completely understand the technology, design and electrical systems available to aid any project idea.

Fully accredited by NICEIC, our highly skilled and professional electrical contractors consult, develop and install every stage of an electrical system installation: from design through to completion.

Why is being part of the design process important for electricians?

When electricians are brought into projects at later stages, it can be difficult to implement what was originally envisaged by the client. This could be due to the designer not having the practical knowledge of what is and isn’t possible, budget limitations or more.

By having an electrical contractor managing the electrical installations of your project from the design phase, you are guaranteed to have ideas that are practical and accounted for.  Whether it is an electrical, air conditioning, heating or ventilation system being installed, it is really important to have an experienced advisor on your design team to ensure your ideas are possible and meet your needs.

What does project management involve?

At GK Electrical Contractors we can fully manage your electrical installation projects. We can provide in-depth consultations, liaison with other design professionals you may have hired, provide detailed diagrams of your proposed electrical systems and budget considerations for any and all materials that would be required.

We are involved from concept to completion; including, but not limited to, design/estimating, procurement, health and safety, progress reporting, quantity surveying, on site delivery and final project handover and sign off.

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