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    Picture of Grzegorz Kasprzak

    Grzegorz Kasprzak

    Greg is the Founder and Operations Director of GK Electrical Contractors, who has more than 25 years’ experience of electrical project management.
    What is a home automation system?
    By Grzegorz Kasprzak on 2 September, 2021

    Whilst you’ve likely heard of the phrase home automation or smart home before now, with more people looking to update their home or to accommodate...

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    The Importance of project management in electrical contracting
    By Grzegorz Kasprzak on 26 August, 2021

    As experienced and qualified electrical engineers, we understand the importance of being able to provide full project management for our clients....

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    Smart Green homes
    By Grzegorz Kasprzak on 18 February, 2021

    The government has recently announced a Ten-Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution. The plan includes details to help make buildings more...

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