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    Grzegorz Kasprzak 18, February 2021

    The government has recently announced a Ten-Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution. The plan includes details to help make buildings more energy efficient.

    Part of this plan includes the Future Home Standard. This will set standards to help future-proof buildings by incorporating low-carbon heating helping to prevent retrofitting which incurs additional cost.

    This standard is set to be introduced in 2025 Europe wide, the government plans to bring this date forward in the UK.

    Energy efficient grants

    As part of the governments ten-point plan it has extended the Green Homes Grant. This means that homeowners and landlords have up until the end of March 2022 to complete energy efficiency home upgrades with the help of a voucher of up to £5,000 to be put forward to the cost of eligible home improvements. Read more about making a home more energy efficient and summary of the types of improvements that are eligible.

    Home automation

    Incorporating automation into your project can also help make a home more energy efficient.

    At GK Electrical Contractors, we help our clients including builders, architects, property developers and homeowners, to create smart homes with energy saving solutions including appliance thermostats, delayed start thermostats and smart heating controls. The places control with the building user helping them to keep energy usage down when heat or appliances are not needed.

    High quality electrical installation with GK Electrical Contractors

    We work closely with homeowners to help create green smart homes with automation technology to lower energy use.

    If you’re a builder embarking on a new build or refurbishment project then you can benefit from our electrical expertise as we can advise on the best design of electrical systems and placement for electrical installation. This helps to ensure that no costly retrofitting is needed in the future as all aspects are considered at design stage.

    For property developers, considering automation solutions within large residential projects will help you to future proof the property to attract income from potential buyers and tenants.

    Whether you require a home automation electrician, home electrical wiring or require electrical contractors on large residential or commercial projects, our breadth of expertise means we offer a range of electrical services.

    Contact us to discuss your project and get a quote.

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