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Mental health has become a big subject for employers.

Picture of Bart Kowalczyk
Bart Kowalczyk 6, October 2021

The statistics are alarming, with stress, depression or anxiety accounting for more than a half of all work-related ill health cases and for more than a half of all working days lost due to work-related ill health. It is estimated than 1 in 4 adults will experience a mental health problem this year.

Bart Kowalczyk talks to the founders of Pro-Mind Hub, a great new initiative developed to support businesses on all matters wellbeing and mental health: Maciej Klinowski CMIOSH (Practipol Ltd), Agata Mabena CIPD (HR-People First Consultancy Ltd) and Dr Joshua Bourne (Bourne Path).


Bart: What exactly is Pro-Mind Hub?

Maciej Klinowski: It’s an idea which was growing in our minds for quite some time now, and it’s based on our professional insights. Mental health and wellbeing at work are often subject to a one-sided perception. We need to look at it more holistically – it falls under Health & Safety, but also needs addressing from the HR perspective. It’s a matter of employer’s overall responsibility. That’s why at some point we realised that working together in this field brings more wholesome and long-term outcomes. So, we try to bring the best of both worlds really, and with Joshua on board our actions are supported by the finest professional advice in the field of psychology and counselling.  

Of course, such cooperation is only possible, because – as individuals and as entrepreneurs – we share the same values and same working ethics, and by that I mean putting people first and working to the highest professional standards.


Bart: Agata, what type of clients are you oriented to support?

Agata Mabena: We are open to support any small and medium businesses that would like to invest in their teams’ wellbeing, support their employees and to prevent mental health problems in the workplace. People really respond to positive working culture, and this directly translates to improvement engagement and attitude towards work. Picture this: become a caring and supportive employer who people want to work for, because they know they can rely on your processes and arrangements. There’s something very strong in this image. Corporate responsibility – as Maciej mentioned – in practice. 

Maciej Klinowski: Yes, we aim to support all those businesses which don’t have their fixed HR/H&S/ Occupational Health structures by providing cost-effective outsourced solutions. 


Bart: What kind of support can you provide? What’s your offer?

Maciej Klinowski: Integrated approach to looking after mental health and managing wellbeing at work. There are many elements to it: stress risk assessments, Mental Health First Aid Training, integrating these into the existing Safety Management Systems.

Agata Mabena: We can provide support with wellbeing strategies, initiatives aimed at improving mental health, mindfulness solutions as well as help you align policies and practices to improve employees’ engagement, productivity and overall wellbeing. 360-degree approach to ensure that your employees are healthy, safe and feel well at work.

Bart: Joshua, you’re known for your therapy work with individual clients, but also, you’re keen on developing resilience within professional groups. How does it feel for you to be part of such a non-standard project? 

Joshua Bourne: Being a part of this project is not only welcome for me but vital. Let us remember that individuals are impacted emotionally by professional groups and vice versa. There is a growing need and acceptance by employers to make sure the wellbeing of their employees are taken care of, and I am very excited to be part of a project that emphasises this. It is my hope that employers both here in the UK and in other parts of the world, especially back in Poland, take our project’s offerings as a stepping stone towards their successes.

Agata Mabena: Plus, there is a fine synergy when we put our minds together, and it’s just great to cooperate with people who care so much about shaping the positive future of workplaces!


Bart: Great to talk to you. And we look forward to seeing you on our Annual Congress of Polish Entrepreneurs in November!


To find out more visit and book your free consultation.

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