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    PBLINK Guidelines

    Code of Conduct

    Picture of Bart Kowalczyk
    Bart Kowalczyk 13, December 2019
    1. Members & Guests agree to conduct themselves in a professional manner and live up to the ethical standards of their profession.
    2. Members & Guests can bring business cards to all of our events but they cannot display any banners or visual advertising.
    3. Members are requested to uphold Chatham House Rules at our Members-only events and not to sell within the network.
    4. Members are expected to promote PBLINK and regularly invite a guest.
    5. Members who receive a lead are expected to respond to that lead in a timely manner.
    6. Dress Code for most of events is smart casual.
    7. Members and Guests are expected to attend booked events and to email us at least 24 hours in advance if they are not able to attend. Regular ‘no shows’ may be refused booking for future events.
    8. PBLINK has the right to cancel the Membership if the above rules are not followed.

    Note: PBLINK will not take responsibility for any deals, loss of profit or opportunity, unpaid invoices or any other issues with other Members and Guests.

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