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    What is Women’s Business Link?

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    Kate Boguslawska 27, October 2020

    Supporting women from all professions


    Women’s Business Link (WBL) is a networking group, part of PBLINK, set up by women for women, designed to inspire, enable and empower our members to reach their full potential, professionally and personally. WBL’s aim is to provide a warm, supportive network of friends, not just colleagues. WBL operates in London.

    WBL founders believe that the power of deeper links and support can help you achieve even greater goals. If you dream big, our network can give you the tools and support to get there. Our community is made up of women from all professions, all united by their desire to progress. Together we share, advise, listen, and learn, and we have fun whilst we grow.

    As a member of PBLINK you have the opportunity to join WBL at no extra cost. You can benefit from the rich, diverse experience at WBL and be part of it by adding your own valuable experience to the mix. Together we are stronger and can make a greater difference, for ourselves and our communities.

    Through WBL you will have access to practical business and career advice, collaboration and presentations from inspirational speakers on a variety of topics, including those that encourage self-discovery. We also want you to have fun, so we include social events and nights out as part of the experience.

    Women Business Link London


    Develop your personal and professional brand

    The aim of WBL is to cultivate a supportive environment that allows you to tap into your true passions and empowers you to follow your own path, nurturing your happiness, satisfaction and values along the way. The WBL modern, expanding community is your space, a space where you can thrive with no constraints. The Founders of WBL want to help you develop your personal and professional brand; attract clients, boost awareness, engage and make friends. We are all unique, but we share common goals and values and we are each other’s cheerleaders!

    We are here to help you reach your full potential and so we offer a variety of events, activities, and resources to aid and support you on your journey. Our programme is anything but boring.

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