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    Optimizing Customer Experience in Life Sciences through Call Centre

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    PBLINK Editor 14, July 2023

    In the complex realm of life sciences, key performance indicators (KPIs) and customer experience (CX) play pivotal roles in the growth and success of businesses. Business process outsourcing services are becoming a strategic partner for life sciences firms, offering tailored services to drive KPIs, improve CX, and boost overall business performance.

    Life science-focused outsourcing provides a comprehensive range of services including customer support, product inquiry management, medical information dissemination, and back-office operations such as data management. These services, aligned with the KPIs, significantly enhance customer experience and operational efficiency.


    Customer support forms the backbone of an excellent CX. Outsourced contact centres, equipped with multilingual capabilities and round-the-clock availability, can promptly respond to customer queries and resolve issues. This proactive support drives key KPIs such as First Contact Resolution (FCR) and Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) score, leading to enhanced customer loyalty.


    Product inquiry management is another crucial service provided by third-party BPOs. Expert agents handle queries related to life science products and services, thus improving customer understanding and driving the KPI of product knowledge and uptake.


    Moreover, contact centres and BPO providers play a crucial role in disseminating medical information. Trained agents can convey accurate, compliant information about pharmaceutical products, medical devices, and procedures, thereby improving the KPI of information accuracy and compliance, and contributing to an enhanced CX.


    BPO vendors also contribute to operational efficiency by handling back-office tasks like data management. By ensuring accurate and efficient data handling, they drive operational KPIs such as data accuracy and process efficiency, allowing life sciences firms to focus on core activities like research and development.


    Outsourcing also brings cost-effectiveness, aiding the achievement of financial KPIs. Life science companies, particularly smaller ones, can deliver superior CX and improve operational efficiency without the need for significant investments in infrastructure and staffing.


    Business process outsourcing services are becoming a strategic partner in the life sciences industry, driving KPIs, enhancing customer experience, and boosting operational efficiency. As life sciences companies continue to face increasing demands for superior CX and stringent KPIs, the role of outsourcing firms in the sector is set to become even more vital.