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    Where you can play the Polish Lottery online

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    PBLINK Editor 12, June 2020

    Simply put, lottery games refer to games where numbers are drawn randomly using a machine. Players usually purchase lotto tickets and select numbers that are likely to be drawn. Some lotteries offer quick pick options of numbers picked by a lottery machine while in some you do it manually. 

    Now, after the draw players check their ticket and if the numbers he or she selected match the ones that came out in the lottery, the player wins.

    That said, most people play Lotto, particularly the Polish Lotto, because of enormous cash prizes. While, some only play for fun and adrenaline rush, who doesn’t want to be a millionaire or have enough cash to travel the world? The biggest lottery ever was $158600000! 

    You can imagine what that kind of money can do for you! From making investments, buying properties, and travelling the world, there are tons of dreams that you can realize.

    Polish Lottery. The nitty-gritty

    The Polish Lotto has been around for a while (since 1957 to be precise) making people across the world millionaires and billionaires. When it began, it was known as Toto Lotek, but the name was changed 18 years later to Duzy Lotek. The name stuck until 2009 when it changed to its current name Polish Lotto.

    The Lotto is very user friendly as the cost is surprisingly low and that hasn’t compromised its ability to offer millions of Euros in terms of Jackpots. The biggest prize was claimed in 2011 with a whopping jackpot of 56,160,000Zloti. That’s around (€ 13,000,000). 

    Similarly, in 2012 there was another mega jackpot of around (€ 11,950,000) and another € 9,400,000 in November 2008.

    The draw usually takes place three times every week on Saturdays, Thursdays, and Tuesdays with a bargain of only €1 for each line.

    So where can you play the Lotto?

    You can easily play the Polish Lotto at Lottoland and win similar prizes. Launched in 2002, it is not only one of the oldest platforms but also the best online lottery service and has paid out over $100 million in winnings to over 3 million winners across the world. 

    Regardless of which part of the world you reside or come from, you can instantly buy a lottery ticket and play from Australia, UK, the US, and even Africa. 

    All you have to do is purchase a ticket online, select numbers, sit back, and wait for results! What’s more, if you win, you do not have to hassle running to an agent as the firm will take care of everything, including depositing money into your account. 

    There are no charges claimed by the firm on your win as you get to keep the entire amount to yourself. 

    How to play the Polish lottery?

    To take part in the Lottery head directly to the website, where you will see the jackpots for the next draw. There are also five columns with boxes and numbers between one and forty-nine. 

    Every column corresponds to a ticket or bet, and you can choose as many numbers as you wish by clicking the lower box written ‘more lines’ and five others will appear.

    In every bet you make you select six different numbers, and you can either allow the system to help you choose the numbers or do it manually. Next, after deciding on the number of bets you want, proceed with payment, and wait for the results to be published.

    How much does a Polish Lotto ticket cost

    The ticket for the Lotto on Lottoland is only € 1. The price is final and entails the entire cost of processing and buying tickets.

    Records and Jackpots

    There are four main tiers on Polish Lotto. The biggest of the 4 is the jackpot which is paid out to anyone who matches all the six numbers. The lowest amount paid out is to a player that matches three numbers. The main jackpot sometimes goes into seven figures.

    Now, like most lotteries globally, the Polish Lotto also rolls over to the next week if the main prize is not claimed. Actually, it rolls week after week until when the jackpot will be claimed. 

    Nonetheless, the Lotto usually has fewer odds than other lotteries, which essentially means that the main prize is usually won before it grows.

    Winning Odds of Poland Lotto

    Odds of a single lottery ticket winning the main prize is 1 in 14 million to be precise. This places it at per with the popular lotteries such as Lotto. 

    Who can play?

    As with most popular lottery games around the globe, initially, only locals in Poland were allowed to take part in luck games including Polish Lotto. Actually what used to happen was that players used to buy Lotto tickets from authorized dealers based in Poland.

    However, this has changed, and things are no longer the same. There are hundreds of online lottery ticket sales companies that are both genuine and authorized. Players across the world can select their Lottery tickets online and buy them regardless of where you reside.

    Good luck!