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    Polish SME offers the construction of trampoline parks on a subcontracting basis

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    PBLINK Editor 13, April 2021


    The Polish SME producing trampoline parks is looking to become a subcontractor for investors or main contractors.

    Partner sought

    Sports clubs, fitness clubs, trampoline parks, amusement parks, playrooms, obstacle courses, sports halls, school halls, gyms, investors of new recreation facilities, investors of existing recreation and sports facilities. The Polish company wishes to offer its services as subcontractors for manufacturing trampoline parks.


    A Polish company is the first and the longest operating one in Poland specialised in the production of trampoline parks. They also manufacture equipment for playrooms, sports and fitness clubs, but also for schools or kindergartens. Their experience dates back to 2012, they support their clients by offering a full range of services from design and equipment production, for training facility employees or booking support software with on-line payments. The company is the only manufacturer of equipment for facilities from Poland, belonging to IATP - International Association of Trampoline Parks (the international organization of trampoline parks). They regularly meet industry leaders and train each other with new safety standards and they share knowledge, experience and ideas for new attractions in recreational and sports facilities. The company not only works according to international standards, but also it tries to identify new ones. They are the first on the market to use pads “Future SafetyPad” and “CoverPad” (cover mattresses construction) with a certificate of compliance with PN-EN 1176, PN-EN 1177. The materials they produce are extremely resistant to tearing and abrasion. They also have flame retardant, hygienic (antimicrobial) certificates and non-fading colours. Sample offers of services and products: - Production safe Trampoline Parks. - Comprehensive service (design, management software, external identification, accessories). - Design, pricing, production and assembly of Trampoline Park investments. - Technical criteria for the construction of a trampoline park. - Design (2D, 3D visualization, local vision, technical project). - Initial valuation, production (standards, approvals). - Assembly (delivery, documentation, warranty). The company is looking for investors or main contractors of trampoline parks. They offer to become a subcontractor. A type of partnership considered is that of subcontracting or financial agreement.

    Advantages and innovations

    Not available

    Development stage

    Already on the market

    Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

    Secret Know-how,Design Rights,Trade Marks,Exclusive Rights,Copyright

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