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    Polish manufacturer of rubber products is looking for distributors

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    PBLINK Editor 8, April 2021


    A Polish company develops and manufactures a variety of rubber products from various compounds based on natural, synthetic, and other kinds of rubber. The company seeks experienced partners for commercial agency agreements or distribution services agreements worldwide.

    Partner sought

    The company seeks long-term distribution services partnership. Potential partner should feel like an extension of the polish company. Distributors should have an expert knowledge of their local market to make continuous improvements to processes, brand and product offering. The company will support its partner in any technical, material, or/and quality issues should arise.


    The company is a well established producer of a rubber products in the Polish market. The company has more than 30 years of experience and it is one of the largest producers from this sectors, their products have been sold in neighboring countries for the last 15 years. It's specialty are all kinds of rubber based rings. Their main products include: O-rings: rubber O-rings, or basic seals, commonly referred to as seals; Rubber cords- cords produced mainly of round and rectangular profiles. Made of various rubber compounds available on request; Foamed cords, commonly known as spongy cords; Rubber bumpers: ramp bumpers, shop bumpers, road and sea bumpers are a wide range of applications and dimensions; Rubber mats: oil-resistant mats, mats for gyms, mats for playgrounds. Different color variants and different thicknesses also available; Rubber plates: plates available in sheets or rolls with a width of up to 1.40 or 1.60m; Cable thresholds: the company is an official distributor of cable raids in Poland. Apart from yellow and black frets, the offer also includes yellow frets with increased visibility; Rubber hoses: rubber hoses that have contact with : liquid gas, hot water, steam, compressed air, propane-butane, fuels, petrol and oils, cooling liquids in systems, agricultural spraying and welding. The company is looking for partners to distribute their product.

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