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    ConTech: The Next Generation

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    Anna Drogon 4, July 2020

    PBLink community: spread the word! DB mindbox is looking for ConTech Startups to accelerate large construction projects at Deutsche Bahn!

    How can open innovation disrupt a corporate giant like Deutsche Bahn? Europe’s biggest railway infrastructure and mobility provider gives a shoutout to all Startups and SMEs that are eager to fast-forward construction projects and to drive digitization beyond what is already known. Please help us to reach interested startups by sharing the call!

    What is their current call for applications about? 

    The next program ConTech: The Next Generation will start in OctoberThis time DB Netz, DB Engineering & Consulting and DB mindbox are looking for startups and innovative companies with solutions for the planning and management phases of construction projects, especially in the following areas:

    1. Advanced solutions for anti-noise & anti-vibration
    2. Advanced sensors for Construction Tech
    3. Smart simulation & visualization of traffic flows and infrastructure
    4. e-democracy and online hearings

    During the DB mindbox 100-day program the selected startups develop Proof of Concepts (PoC), which in turn lays the foundation for joint projects and successful collaborations.

    1. Advanced solutions for anti-noise & anti-vibration

    Noise and vibration caused by passing trains or construction sites are a pain for local neighborhoods and pose a serious threat to the stability of adjacent buildings. Moreover, looking at infrastructure expansion plans, it also leads to project delays, holds or even cancellations. Existing solutions are often expensive and insufficient offering room for new ideas and scientific back-up.

    More specifically they are looking for:

    • Noise protection along tracks and construction sites
    • Appealing designs for noise protection solutions
    • Vibrational barriers alongside tracks and construction sites
    • Noise and vibration: combined solutions

    2. Advanced sensors for Construction Tech

    Sensor technology brings huge benefits to construction projects. This year our focus is on safety: employee health and well-being, ground stability and conditions as well as an acceleration of inspections that depend on track closings.

    In this area the focus is on the following topics:

    • Tools, wearables and devices for work and construction safety
    • Geodesy: detection and evaluation of ground conditions and stability
    • Technology assisted final inspection of track infrastructure

    3. Smart simulation & visualization of traffic flows and infrastructure

    BIM is already used as a standard tool for planning construction projects at DB Netz and DB E&C. In this’ years Construction Tech program, we want to bring BIM to the next level: AR or VR extensions or the simulation of different scenarios are of interest to us.

    Especially the following topics are of interest:

    • Simulation of traffic flows and infrastructure
    • BIM-based visualization „to-go“ (with AR)
    • VR-twin for construction sites

    4. e-democracy and online hearings

    Speaking about the planning of construction projects, one big milestone is the planning approval. However, this process is – until now – conducted quite analogue. We strongly belief that time can be saved, and processes can become more efficient once the digital era is introduced here. Can you support us bringing planning approvals, hearings, civic engagement and citizen participations into the 21st century?

    Following topics are of interest:

    • Intelligent document map and paperless construction management
    • Crowd participation and management as part of an e-democracy
    • Intelligent support for legal compliance

    How does it work?

    Selected startups will get the chance to pitch in front of DB Netz, DB Engineering & Consulting and DB mindbox at the 22nd of September (please also refer to the timeline at the end of this article):

    Within their 100 days program at DB mindbox, startups will get the opportunity to develop a proof of concept (with an existing product the startups already have! The minimum stage a startup should be at, is MVP) and to test your solution live in the existing systems. This means, the partnering companies will open their infrastructure, assets, and data, so that there is everything necessary available for a successful testing. This is a great chance to lay the foundation for joint projects and successful collaboration.  

    On top selected startups will get: 25.000€, no equity taken, coworking space next to the Spree in Berlin, and valuable coaching and mentoring with well-known industry experts. 

    Apply now! 

    You think your startup would be a great fit? Submit your application by August 9th, 2020. You will find the application form and more information by following this link

    Any questions?

    Feel free to contact DB mindbox directly:


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