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    Central management of antivirus software protects your entire network

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    Jakub Kosiec 16, June 2020

    32% of businesses reported some form of cyber security breach or attack within the 12-month period covered by the UK Government’s Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2019.

    Among the most common forms of attack were viruses – self-replicating computer programs that exploit flaws in software and network systems.

    The good news is that, due to advances in security technology, the vast majority of virus attacks fail at the first hurdle. But installing and maintaining reliable security measures require expertise . . . and time.

    Simply deciding on an appropriate antivirus solution can take time and effort, and be daunting for an employee without the necessary IT experience. Free antivirus products offer some protection, but support is limited, updates are infrequent, and may offer little defence to increasingly sophisticated attacks. Considering the commercial value of data and IT systems to a business, using a free service is a high-risk strategy.

    Even commercial software cannot guarantee complete protection due to the constant appearance of new and more powerful viruses. That is why a professional IT support provider, such as FX7 Solutions, can add a valuable layer of security by managing and monitoring your systems for you.

    An IT support provider can install and – just as important – maintain a centralised antivirus system to monitor and protect your computers, and ensure it works seamlessly with other applications vital to your business.

    Adopting a centralised antivirus system provides continually updating, network-wide protection across all types of device through a single console. At a stroke it removes the need for every user to update their own devices independently in different locations – a considerable saving in time and inconvenience. It also means employees do not forget to upgrade or put it off to a more convenient time and leave your systems open to attack. Updates do not compromise your network speed or performance, as the central console can balance out the data load when scanning for viruses or updating.

    Antivirus protection is just one aspect of cyber security, and the team at FX7 Solutions will be pleased to chat to you about data backups and processes for minimising the risk of other security threats.

    The benefits for you and your staff are peace of mind 24/7 and valuable time saved – time freed up to focus on growing your business.