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Backups ensure you keep hold of your data and your business

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Jakub Kosiec 30, September 2020

For total security, it’s important that there is always an up-to-date version of your data available… no matter what.

Human error, theft, hardware failure, virus attack – there are many causes, but all can lead to the loss of business-critical information and often a business itself. A British Chamber of Commerce survey showed that 93% of businesses suffering data loss for more than 10 days filed for bankruptcy within 12 months, and 50% closed immediately.

The solution is clear: back up your business-critical data.

FX7 Solutions can offer advice on a full range of backup and recovery solutions to cover every situation and, if you need it, can install and manage them.

Automated onsite backups are a good starting point. Running regularly and unobtrusively in the background, they enable you to retain several versions of your data that can only be accessed by authorised users. This removes the chore of updating external hard drives or memory sticks, which have to be moved around the workplace.

However, the protection provided by onsite backups is limited, as hard drives and memory sticks risk being stolen or lost. In case of a disaster such as a fire, they also risk being destroyed along with your main data on your systems.

For these reasons, we strongly recommend offsite storage of backed-up data, at a separate physical location and/or using cloud storage.

For total security, a combination of these options will ensure that there will always be an up-to-date version of your data available whether equipment fails, your premises are damaged or your cloud storage is compromised. While this may sound complex, the reality is that with data backed up in the background, you won’t have to think about it.

These solutions are not only comprehensive but also versatile, as individual files can be recovered as well as whole datasets, so you can restore one important file deleted by accident or all your business data.

Another consideration is the privacy implications of how you store your backed-up data. For example, you need to ensure that the location of the servers used by cloud storage providers is in a jurisdiction permitted by privacy regulations. An IT support provider can guide you through the legal complexities of data storage, especially the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

While the initial set-up of equipment and processes requires serious consideration, once in place, backup systems run efficiently and conveniently to protect your data and your business.

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