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    Look after the heart of your business with onsite server support

    Picture of Jakub Kosiec
    Jakub Kosiec 17, February 2021

    If data is the lifeblood of an organisation, then the network server must be the heart – storing and processing information, and then pumping it around the system as required. Just as we humans are constantly reminded to look after our heart, businesses risk their health by taking their IT servers for granted.

    Monitoring your servers can highlight potential problems before they impact your business operations. This can be done remotely by an IT support provider if you do not have the resources in-house. Regular on-site maintenance also ensures your servers achieve peak performance.

    If your users experience slow networks speeds when using apps, it could be time to replace or upgrade your servers. This may sound daunting, but an experienced IT support provider will ensure this doesn’t turn into a major drama. They can advise on the hardware equipment most suitable for your needs, assist with the purchasing if required, and complete the on-site installation – giving you an invigorated network that takes full advantage of upgraded technology.

    Increased speed is not the only benefit. Research by IDC estimates that the cost of server support can double if the hardware is more than five years old, with repeated instances of connectivity issues, network outages and downtime.

    In addition, it calculates that with each hardware upgrade, you can run up to 30% more apps on each device – at the same time! And, as processing power increases with each generation of server, the total number of servers, associated equipment and software licenses required can be reduced over time. Add to this the savings from increased energy efficiency, and the long-term financial benefits to your business become significant.

    It’s also worth considering additional on-site precautions to protect the health of your servers, such as uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and power surge protection. Again, an experienced IT support provider can advise and assist with these.

    Don’t take your business health for granted, talk with an IT support provider such as FX7 Solutions. We are always happy to discuss your needs and how our on-site server support can invigorate your business.

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