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Keeping email flowing can be a challenge for many reasons.

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Jakub Kosiec 10, December 2020

While there are now many digital messaging channels, email remains vital for businesses, whether for receiving and accepting orders, distributing advice or the exchange of other important information with customers, suppliers and work colleagues.

Keeping email flowing can be a challenge for many reasons. First, the more departments or employees you have, the more email accounts you need to manage. Microsoft Exchange Server enables efficient email management, although a company’s email system will become more complex as users needing to synchronise their emails across multiple devices increase in number.


Knowing how to manage issues, such as blocked IP addresses leading to your sent emails being rejected by recipients, is crucial, especially should settings and preferences be reset to default by upgrades or other actions, and stop emails from sending or being received.

Then there’s the sheer volume of emails leading to full mailboxes. Managing email volumes, filtering spam and junk as well as identifying and neutralising cyber attacks, such as phishing and ransomware attempts, are all vital.

An IT support provider can advise and develop email procedures for your organisation and manage all aspects of your email system to take care of all these issues and keep your communications open.

As well as hardware and software management, employee procedures on email use are also important. These can ensure users do not delete or lose messages by accident and do not cause data breaches, such as exposing individuals’ personal email addresses in group emails. They can also protect the business by educating users to identify suspect emails and prevent them from clicking on links that download viruses or activate ransomware that enables criminals to encrypt your files so that they can try to extract a ransom from you to unlock them.

You might also want to manage access to email, such as by restricting use at specific times of the day to ensure your employees do not take their work home with them and are not bothered outside work.

An IT support provider can not only keep your email system always operational but also help you take full advantage of email’s powerful capabilities and flexibility while protecting you from online threats.

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