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    Armchairs and desks for gaming manufacturer is looking for partners

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    PBLINK Editor 30, August 2021

    The Polish manufacturer of gaming chairs and desks has been operating on the home market since 2002. It offers ergonomic armchairs and desks designed by itself for players and people staying at the desk for a long time. The company is interested in cooperation with foreign distributors operating in the electronics, furniture and related industries.

    Partner sought

    - The company is looking for a distributor of its products (armchairs and desks for players). - The company is looking for contractors operating in the electronics industry (including electronics stores and showrooms), the furniture industry (furniture stores and showrooms) and other related industries. - Foreign contractors are sought for cooperation - distribution companies interested in extending their offer with products of a Polish company - under a distribution service agreement.


    The company from north-eastern Poland produces gaming chairs and desks, as well as offers other accessories for players and people who spend a long time at the computer. The company has been operating on the Polish market since 2002. The main assumption of the company was to create armchairs reflecting high quality at an affordable price. The company's offer includes armchairs in every price category, both premium models and budget variants. Thanks to this, customers with any budget will be able to meet their requirements without losing the quality of the equipment. They offer devices with both an effective design and impressive functionalities. The company's offer includes: • gaming armchairs for players • gaming desks, • pads, • mats, • pillows, • keyboards, • computer mice, • headphones. The functionality of gaming armchairs consists of the following features: (all the features of the chairs are collected, each model may have different properties): • high load (max. 150 kg), • appropriate construction eliminates the discomfort associated with long hours spent at the computer in a traditional chair, • pillows for the lumbar and the nape of the neck allow for proper support and stabilization of the spine, • seat and backrest filled with a double layer of cold foam, resistant to deformation, • microperforations guaranteeing very good ventilation, • armrests covered with a soft plastic pad, adjustable in 4 directions, • upholstery made of synthetic leather or TSF technology with the use of PG-SYL material, • the seats are swivel, • backrest tilt adjustment up to 140 degrees, • steel, reinforced frame, • backrest lock function in a vertical or tilted position, • use of the ERGOMUTLIBLOCK system, • rubber wheels that do not scratch the surface perfectly absorb unevenness, • different color versions are available. The company has also introduced another element of the player's room equipment - desks, which are characterized by: - modern design, - large working space, - production using high-quality materials - steel legs and support frames in combination with solid and rigid tops guarantee that the furniture is very stable on the floor, - the possibility of aesthetic cable routing (use of covers, shelves and holes) - a very useful accessory is also a headphone holder and a dedicated place where you can safely put the cup without fear of flooding the keyboard - some models are equipped with backlight, thanks to multi-colored LED diodes with 8 operating modes. During the design and production of armchairs, the company focuses on making them reliable, failure-free, solid, refined with the smallest details, and at the same time comfortable and ergonomic. The company's assortment is constantly expanding, depending on the market demand and client requirements. The company specializes also in armchairs. The offer also includes elegant leather office models that will work well both in the president's office and at home. As part of ensuring maximum client satisfaction, the company provides up to 100 days to return a product that does not meet its expectations. The Polish manufacturer is looking for contractors who could act as a distributor of the company's products (gaming chairs and desks). The company is interested in cooperation with foreign distributors operating in the electronics, furniture and related industries.

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