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    Polish Business Link Case Study – GK Electrical Contractors

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    PBLINK Editor 31, August 2020
    GK Electrical Contractors is a family run business led by Greg & Tiba. Greg is the Founder and Operation Director who has more than 25 years’ experience of electrical project management. Tiba is the Financial & Development Director with more than 20 years experience in accountancy and running multiple businesses. The team comprises of professional electricians whom individually specialize in different areas of electrical installation work.





    How Polish Business Link helped my business?

    Since our company became a member of PBLINK we have made many valuable business contacts in construction that not only helped our company to be more recognisable on the market but also to expand our client base. We have made some business connections that are very important for us and started cooperating with few businesses.

    Working with Other Members

    The first is JP Project Management, a building and project management company. To date we have completed 3 electrical projects with them. They are an exceptionally pleasurable company to work with. Run, with a strong hand by a couple, Joanna and Bartek. We are really looking forward to any future cooperation. Secondly, it’s worth mentioning Danwood (UK) Plc – a modular house manufacturer and installer. So far we’ve completed 11 highly successful projects together all over the country. Our company is doing first and second fix electrics in new-build houses. Again, really looking forward to further developing our cooperation. All in all, PBLINK is a great space to present your business as well as to connect with other businesses working not only in your sector but across all the branches.

    • Company: GK Electrical Contractors
    • Director: Greg Kasprzak
    • Sector: Construction, Electrical Contractor
    • Generated Business: 11 highly successful projects together all over the country (2019)



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    - December 13, 2020

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