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7 Ways to Improve Business Writing Skills Effectively

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PBLINK Editor 25, November 2021

In the current market setup, more and more business structures have emerged. Marketing strategies have been actively conducted in and out. Today, more businesses are moving from face-to-face conversation to more writing.

As an entrepreneur or student, you need to master the art of writing in this field. Your writing needs to be as clear as possible to effectively pass the message. It could be through memos, emails, letters, or proposals. A company may be judged by its writing style. Quality business writing is therefore paramount and cannot be avoided.


Be direct

Unlike other classes of writing, business writing is unique in its way. It requires one to be clear and concise, and direct to the point. There is no room for beating around the bush in business writing. You need to highlight your message as soon as you begin. It will allow readers to save time and spark their interest in reading. Most people do not want to read voluminous essays. A simple glance at long pages turns them off. When writing long proposals and memos, Garner suggests stating the issue and the solution at the top of the page in not more than 150 words. It will enable you to have a good opener and a perfect beginning.

Avoid jargon

Avoid using technical terms and acronyms every time. You cannot assume that every person is familiar with the above. Always aim at clearing frustrations occurring through writing using jargon. Focus on words that can be understood by someone from another field. Get rid of inside slang as it may confuse. Explain technical terms in a few words if you cannot avoid them. All this will help avoid killing the readers' morale in reading your work simply because they cannot comprehend what you intended them to.

Know your audience

In business, appealing to the client depends on factors such as age, gender, and so much more. Different groups of people have different ways they get appealed. You cannot just write an article and intend it to suit all the subgroups. Elderly people have the things that amuse them, and this is what your research needs to focus on. The young also are appealed by different things, which the old may sometimes find annoying. Children enjoy their set of pleasantries that other age groups find hard to listen to. In simple terms, know your audience and just deliver what suits them.

Know your message

Before you start writing down your business paper. Read and understand well the message that you intend to put across. Do extensive research and highlight the parts of research that are needed. Make sure you cover and exhaust every simple detail. Make sure that besides inspiring your readers, you cover every important aspect.

Keep it tight

Use shortened paragraphs and sentences to capture the readers' attention. For example, for an email, you do not need to write long sentences. Short sentences that are easy to comprehend should be used. Avoid using redundant adjectives, disguising verbs, and using windy sentences. Use clear and short explanations. Advocating for this keeps utmost professionalism and keeps the readers' attention high enough. Most people prefer using too wordy explanations, but since it’s a business world, what matters most is the strategy. For you to be understood more, be tight on your word choice.

Get your points organized

Maintaining a smooth flow of information on your paper is important. Organizing your main points before developing your materials help you achieve this. It ensures that your message is delivered logically. Here, it is advisable to list your key points before the writing process. This will make the message more intelligent and very essential in communicating effectively and winning the market. A first draft can always be a guideline. It captures the first significant thoughts. It will help you on what points and key areas to focus on in your writing.

Proofread your work

It is the last step after conducting your research. It is conducted to avoid mistakes and inconsistencies presented while writing. The various angles are correction of grammatical errors, sentence structures, punctuation, and wrong word usage among many considerations. Your work should have a clear beginning, middle, and ending that flows well. Proofreading your work several hours later is advisable. Then, you will have a clear eye, and you can identify the mistakes that you overlooked. Consequently, you can ask someone else to help you in proofreading your work. It helps eliminate further errors. You can be able to get constructive critics that can see you through improving your paper.


Business texts that are substandard always impact the business negatively. It may even end up tainting a business name. For a student, it is advisable to practice writing skills as they will help a lot. Another vital element on how to improve your business writing skills is through reading different types of business writing and engaging in the use of and practicing different writing styles. Use words sparingly, keeping your sentences short, know your writing style, outline major points, and always know your audience. Consequently, you should never assume that your first draft is perfect, do not present the main idea too late, and lastly do not give too many choices as it leads to information paralysis. While business writing is considered a notable element of any professional undertaking, it often doesn’t come naturally for every individual. Luckily, improving your writing skills is possible and can be learned over time. With the tips above, you can improve your business writing significantly. When you purposefully practice often, you’ll enhance your business writing skills and become a pro. You will be amazed at how much of a difference it can make for you and your business. Give them a try and get that personal experience.

At, you can get expert help in writing your business paper. The following seven tips will help ensure that you have excellent business writing skills and your communication stands out.


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