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    7 Female Traders Who Made It to the Top

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    PBLINK Editor 18, March 2021

    Online trading has made its way to being one of the most successful skills a person can have – one that can definitely help you raise a fortune. With that in mind, there’s a stereotypical belief that traders are men – when in fact, the doors to trading are open to both genders. Here are 7 women that made it to the top. 

    Tracy Britt Cool

    When Tracy first started her career, she was growing flowers and vegetables for her parents’ business. Since she wanted more, she began working at Berkshire Hathaway, where Warren Buffet was the CEO. Studying trading from him, she progressed so much that she left Berkshire and started her own trading business.

    Kathy Lien

    Often referred to as the “fundamental guru,” Kathy’s career on Wall Street started when she was barely 18. At age 23, she had already launched DailyFX, starting her own business, and becoming a resounding voice in the world of Forex trading. Her deep knowledge of global currency pushed her towards great heights, and now she has become an even greater figure with her leading role at BKForex.

    Jennifer Fan

    Jenifer got her business degree in operation research, statistics, and finance at age 19 – meaning that she already possessed great potential. While most of the “kids” her age were going to college, she began working at Morgan Stanley and then became a portfolio manager and partner at Arrowhawk. Now, she has a $650 million hedge fund that she is running all by herself just fine, knowing full well how to choose between types of assets on the exchange market to increase that sum. 

    Linda Bradford Raschke

    A world-renowned trader that deals with commodities, Linda’s career started in 1981. A prominent figure at the LBR Group Inc. and renowned for her skill at snatching good trading patterns, Linda always believed that you should act on the movements of the market while having a plan B. 

    Raghee Horner

    Raghee Horner created the 34 WMA wave method – and while she does work on mutual fund engineering, she also has a great love for trading. This is why she became a professional trader. Acting as Future Trading’s managing director, as well as contributing at the Simple Trading of John Carter, she became an expert when it comes to trading spot currencies.  

    Lucy Baldwin

    While still a bit of an early starter, Lucy Baldwin has become a great figure when it comes to equity trading. Working as a managing director for both the Bank of America and Goldman Sachs, she has expanded her horizons even more now by joining Credit Suisse. 

    Lauren Simmons

    At 23 years old, Lauren became probably the youngest and most reliable full-time equity trader at NYSE – and the only one that was a female. She’s often been featured by famous news networks such as CNBC or CNN for her ability to take the reign of the trading world. 

    The Bottom Line

    These women showed that you don’t have to be a man to be an expert in trading. With their success, they will undoubtedly motivate more women to follow their part – therefore, completely reshaping the trading industry and ridding it of stereotypes.

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