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    2023 – Our 10 th Anniversary and a Time for Everything New

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    PBLINK Editor 18, December 2022

    Every year at PBLINK, we configure the business events on offer to meet the desires and expectations of our members. 2022 has been another fantastic year for us at PBLINK. It’s been eventful and significant. Read more about what to expect in the new 2023.



    PBLINKGreen_circle-1We’re committed to net zero and invited our members and partner organisations to join us. But that does not need to mean that business has to slow down. 





    Summary of the events in 2022

    In 2022, we held 33 events with 1,700 attendees

    Highlights of the events calendar included: 

    • The launch of PBLINK Poland, November 24.11.2022
    • British-Polish Business Insights Lunches at the Polish Embassy in London in April and October 
    • PBLINK Congres of Polish Entrepreneurs 2022
    • PBLINK Sustainability in Construction, an online event in April and several more construction and property events, online and in person.
    • Many other events cover Mortgages; Pensions; Trading with the UK from Poland; Customs and Duties webinars; Golf Networking; and various networking events.
    • Looking outwards, we took an exciting opportunity to team up with other business groups in London. We organised meetings as part of Global Network UK, attended by entrepreneurs from various organisations, including The UK Confederation, The British Argentine Chamber of Commerce, The Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce in the UK and London Connector, as well as PBLINK.

    pblink summary of the year 2022


    What should we look out for in 2023?

    • There is much interest in international expansion, from PL to the UK and the other way around. PBLINK members are well placed to exploit trading opportunities, with a wealth of information and events on the theme.
    • Digitalised customers and the new generation are starting to take over the stage. 25% of the workforce will be Gen Z in the next few years. Businesses must adjust. 
    • Today’s consumers want to buy from businesses that consider their carbon footprint. Join us on our journey to carbon-neutral 
    • Remote working brings risks as well as benefits. As Bart reported from Boston, USA, Disconnection can be a danger. Being connected on all levels to your clients and your team is essential.
    • Our popular series of podcasts will continue to seek the secret of business with inspiring guests.
    • We’re introducing new ways to engage and promote our members via PBLINK Roles. Watch out for opportunities to act as a Welcome Host, make announcements, or deliver an Education slot at one of our events.



    We know you prefer Face-to-Face meetings, and we’ll continue building the PBLINK event program to allow us to meet in person. We’ll retain a few online meetings focused on providing specific, expert knowledge.

    Browse Events for early next year to get a flavour of what’s on offer already.

    Our plans include: PBLINK’s 10th Anniversary Celebration event in the beautiful historic Ognisko Polskie in South Kensington in June, continued cooperation with the Polish Embassy; webinars for Polish importers & exporters; HubSpot CRM webinars; dedicated industry events; and meetings in smaller groups in the centre of London, such as business breakfasts and masterminds.

    If you run a business and are looking for inspiration for 2023, we invite you to join our business groups.



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