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    Celebrating a Decade of Empowering Entrepreneurs: 10th Anniversary Congress by PBLINK

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    PBLINK Editor 5, November 2023

    On November 3rd, 2023, the financial hub of London, HSBC at Canary Wharf played host to the 10th-anniversary congress organized by Polish Business Link (PBLINK). With over 100 delegates in attendance, this milestone event brought together entrepreneurs from various sectors to discuss, share insights, and forge new connections. The congress, an annual tradition since 2014, aimed to support diverse entrepreneurs in the UK, addressing a wide range of business topics, from funding and legal issues to sustainability and marketing.


    The theme for this year's congress was "Maximizing Business Opportunities in the UK: Expert Strategies for Business Growth."

    The event adopted a roundtable format, where guests were allocated to one of ten tables, each of which hosted a matchmaking session later in the day. These tables covered a diverse range of business sectors, including construction, import-export, e-commerce, services, and professional industries.

    Bart Kowalczyk, the CEO of PBLINK, opened the event by welcoming all the attendees and emphasizing PBLINK's unwavering commitment to supporting SMEs during challenging times.

    Bart Kowalczyk PBLINK Congress 23


    Leonard Mergulhao, Deputy Regional Director at HSBC, took the stage, expressing his pride in hosting such a gathering of entrepreneurs in the HSBC headquarters.

    Leonard Mergulhao Congress of Polish Entrepreneurs
    Leonard Mergulhao, Deputy Regional Director at HSBC
    James Pomeroy, Global Economist at HSBC, delivered the keynote speech, discussing macroeconomic trends and their implications for businesses operating in the UK. This was followed by a panel discussion titled "Maximizing Business Opportunities in the UK: Expert Strategies for Business Growth," moderated by Bart Kowalczyk.

    The panel included distinguished members from various fields:

    Kate Boguslawska Partner at Carter Lemon Camerons LLP, Commercial Solicitor.

    Karl Konicz, Chief Operations Officer at Circle UK Group Ltd.

    Tanya Popeau, International Director at Live Synthesis Ltd.

    Alex Landowski, Managing Director at Medical Logistics & Medical Laboratories, 

    Roy Johnson, Sandler Training Franchisee of the Year. 

    David Payne, Experienced accountant, auditor & tax advisor. Partner at Turpin Barker Armstrong.

    Seonad Cook, Founder & CEO at Follow The Formula.

    Yola Filipek, Chartered MCSI.

    The panelists shared their expertise on various topics, including sustainability, audits, financial planning, mindset, sales strategies, and employment contracts. They provided valuable insights and advice on how businesses can navigate and thrive in the UK market.


    Networking Opportunities

    Before a comfort break, Bart Kowalczyk encouraged all attendees to participate in a 10-minute introduction session. This session served as a fantastic icebreaker, allowing delegates to share their business information and goals while promoting networking opportunities.

    Expert Talks

    Following the panel discussions, the congress featured expert talks on key business topics:
    Leonard Mergulhao discussed the importance of integrating sustainability into business strategies.
    Kate Boguslawska explored the legal landscape and how to navigate business law in today's competitive environment.
    David Payne demystified the audit process.
    Roy Johnson shared insights on effective business strategies.
    Kate Boguslawska Partner at Carter Lemon Camerons LLP 
     Roy Johnson, Sandler Training Franchisee of the Year. 
    David Payne PBLINK Congress

    David Payne-Partner at Turpin Barker Armstrong.


    HSBC's Sustainability Tracker

    HSBC, as the event host, introduced an intriguing tool for SMEs, the Sustainability Tracker. This tool aims to assist SMEs in reaching their sustainability goals more easily, highlighting the increasing importance of sustainable business practices.

    The congress concluded with a luncheon provided by HSBC, fostering further networking and informal discussions among attendees. The day continued with drinks at a nearby pub at Pergola on the Wharf, offering an ideal setting for further interaction.

    PBLINK expressed its gratitude to partners Carter Lemon Camerons, Sami Swoi Premium, Best Foods, and Circle UK Group for their support in making the 2023 Congress of Polish Entrepreneurs a success.



    In its 10th year, the congress by PBLINK and hosted by HSBC once again provided a platform for entrepreneurs to exchange knowledge, forge partnerships, and gain valuable insights. As the business landscape continues to evolve, this event remains a vital resource for SMEs looking to thrive in the UK market. With a decade of success behind them, PBLINK and its partners are well-positioned to continue supporting and empowering entrepreneurs for years to come.

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