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    Bright Grahame Murray

    Formed in London in 1934, Bright Grahame Murray is a partner led firm of Chartered Accountants with a reputation for excellence.
    Seismic shift for off-payroll contractors
    By Bright Grahame Murray on 25 October, 2019

    Some large companies affected by the extension of the off-payroll IR35 rules next April have started to curtail their use of contractors working...

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    New thinking for Labour on taxes?
    By Bright Grahame Murray on 23 October, 2019

    New proposals for reforming capital gains and income tax have been published by an influential think tank which could make their way into an election...

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    How do you feel about taking a pension at 75?
    By Bright Grahame Murray on 17 October, 2019

    Recommendation The SPA should better reflect the longer life expectancies that we now enjoy and be used to support the fiscal balance of the nation....

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    Cracking down on compliance pays for HMRC
    By Bright Grahame Murray on 14 October, 2019

    In early August, HMRC issued its annual report and accounts for 2018/19. While not everyone’s choice of holiday reading, it did contain some...

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    It’s not me, it’s you: small businesses feedback to HMRC
    By Bright Grahame Murray on 11 October, 2019

    A report from HMRC looking at why small businesses contact them directly, rather than online, throws a spotlight on some interesting interplay...

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    New measures for company car tax
    By Bright Grahame Murray on 26 September, 2019

    You may want to review your company car needs in the light of changes to the company car tax rules coming in next year. Do you know your WLTP from...

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