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    Bill Mair

    I am the owner and founder at Precision Presentation. I help businesses present their best image, in text and in person. I will write your blog or webpage article for you and even coach you on your public speaking skills. I also run PBLINK Stories. We uncover the stories behind Britain’s most successful and inspiring entrepreneurs.
    Sławek Strzykowski: Drones Can Help Autistic People Manage Emotions
    By Bill Mair on 18 April, 2022

    Sławek Strzykowski is a visionary and a polymath: he has a Master of Arts degree, a post-graduate degree in law and a PhD in AI from the Polish...

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    Peter Kuncewicz – Chartered Accountant on Demand!
    By Bill Mair on 2 March, 2022

    Peter Kuncewicz, CA is Associate Finance Director with EFM, Finance Directors and Business Advisors with a difference. He has a long career in senior...

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    The Secrets of Britain's Top Diverse Entrepreneurs
    By Bill Mair on 16 February, 2022

    It’s the success stories that interest us. 20% of UK businesses fail in their first year and, according to London & Zurich, a staggering 4 in 10 do...

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    Duccio Zambrini: Thriving Through a Human-to-Human Approach
    By Bill Mair on 26 January, 2022

    Duccio Zambrini doesn’t like to stand still. During his time at corporate news giant Bloomberg, he conducted business meetings, demos and seminars in...

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