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    Sylwia Starzynska

    I am a Polish Insolvency Professional working in South London. I work for Turpin Barker Armstrong, a modern firm of Insolvency Practitioners. I am also a Co-Founder of the Women's Business Link. We are a networking group set up by women for women, designed to inspire, enable and empower our members to reach their full potential, professionally and personally.
    Turpin Barker Armstrong is currently hiring.
    By Sylwia Starzynska on 17 February, 2022

    TBA is a firm of licensed insolvency practitioners providing clear insolvency advice to both businesses and individuals. TBA is looking to hire a...

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    Turpin Barker Armstrong is currently hiring.
    By Sylwia Starzynska on 2 February, 2022

    Turpin Barker Armstrong is currently hiring  

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    Creditors voluntary liquidation and director’s common fears
    By Sylwia Starzynska on 31 August, 2021

    One of the Women’s Business Link co-founders, Sylwia Starzynska has been working in an insolvency industry since 2007. She is currently working at...

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    Our first event!
    By Sylwia Starzynska on 6 July, 2021

    The WBL’s first face to face event was a roaring success, a perfect day spent in a company of enthusiastic, ambitious and beautiful women. Our only...

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    How do I Stress Less
    By Sylwia Starzynska on 11 May, 2021

    Stress can affect each of us on a daily basis.  Juggling work commitments, dealing with professional life and trying to keep an organised personal...

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