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Jakub Kosiec

Helping SMEs in West London with IT problems
IT issues facing small businesses today
By Jakub Kosiec on 26 February, 2020

Jakub at FX7 Solutions Ltd, one of PBLINK members, writes about IT issues facing small business today. Part 1 Many businesses have a love-hate...

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Why using POP3 / IMAP email is bad for your business
By Jakub Kosiec on 18 November, 2019

Email is email, but not all email services are the same. In the past, many company email systems used the POP protocol, which downloaded emails on...

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Should your business upgrade to Windows 10?
By Jakub Kosiec on 24 October, 2019

Upgrading to a new operating system can seem daunting, especially with the likelihood of software incompatibilities, so should businesses upgrade...

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Keeping fit in any domain
By Jakub Kosiec on 21 October, 2019

Medtech Industries, manufacturer of the FX-7 medical assistance droid in Star Wars, was established to bring together the expertise of medical...

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Moving office – ensuring your systems relocate seamlessly
By Jakub Kosiec on 18 October, 2019

Whether you need more space for your expanding business or you are moving to a better premises, there is a lot to consider when moving office to...

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Power Surge protection
By Jakub Kosiec on 19 September, 2019

A surprise attack by pirates on the high seas was something to be dreaded by sailors and similarly for businesses a power surge can cause severe...

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