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    Adrian Masaryk

    In nearly eight years, Adrian has created three fitness businesses, mentored personal trainers and helped over 400 people get in great shape physically and mentally. He's a public speaker, launching his podcast 'Body, Brain, Business' for entrepreneurs who want to get fit and healthy, and he's writing his first book. With his flagship programme, 'Modern Entrepreneur,' he helps successful business owners worldwide go from tired and unfit to thriving in a body they feel proud of in just six months. He manages his clients' training plans, eating habits, stress management, sleep, and mindset, creates an easy-to-follow plan, and then supports, navigates, and holds them accountable in the process. His clients delegate all the thinking and planning to him so they can focus only on what's necessary and get in enviable shape while running their businesses and having a life.
    Entrepreneurial Wellness: 3 Tips To Get In Enviable Shape While Helping Our Planet
    By Adrian Masaryk on 3 June, 2024

    Shape Up for Success: Revolutionize Your Workout Routine and Environmental Impact in 3 Steps

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