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    Picture of Monika Serafinska

    Monika Serafinska

    Monika Serafinska WBL Co-Founder Owner at VA Office London
    Women Inspire and Help Women
    By Monika Serafinska on 7 April, 2022

    Our most recent event, which may have been our deepest meeting so far, was inspirational, and eye-opening on so many levels. 

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    Planning - Punishment, or Salvation?
    By Monika Serafinska on 7 September, 2021

    Often, early habits shape our adult life. Sometimes we are forced to change our old habits to adapt to new life situations. For some people this can...

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    A magical night at WBL Summer Networking
    By Monika Serafinska on 17 August, 2021

    Although organised in the middle of summer holidays, it was well frequented by ladies who were in London on 29 July 2021. The meet took place in a...

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    Do I need branding?
    By Monika Serafinska on 26 August, 2020

    As strange a concept as it might be, we are walking, talking brands for ourselves and we must be the guardian of our own brand. This is all about...

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