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Are you a dynamic entrepreneur who's taken the bold step of running your own business far from the familiar embrace of your homeland?

We understand the unique challenges you face. Introducing the Polish Business Link's FREE Online Business Consulting events – your compass to success in the UK business landscape! 

Who Should Attend?

  • Self-Employed Individuals in the UK
  • Aspiring Entrepreneurs in the UK
  • Polish Companies Exploring UK Business Ventures
  • People who are just planning to start their own company in Great Britain.
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Join Us for a Series of Engaging Online Business Gatherings Across the UK!

Embrace the opportunity to connect with fellow entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners from every corner of Great Britain. We are thrilled to extend an invitation to our upcoming series of FREE online business meetings, set to take place in the major cities of the UK during the vibrant autumn of 2023.

Online Business Consultations are your golden ticket to accelerated growth, backed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Fund for Cooperation with Poles and Polish Diaspora Abroad. This is more than just a series of events – it's your pathway to success! 

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I look forward to seeing you online
Bart Kowalczyk 

Polish Business Link Founder


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Online Business Consulting

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Online Business Consultations

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Monday,  25.09.2023 | 10:00 AM
Online Event
Experts: Kate Boguslawska & Sebastian Czajka
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Monday, 25.09.2023  | 5:00 PM
Online Event
Experts: Karl Konicz & Magdalena Mrukwa
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Tuesday,  26.09.2023  |  10:00 AM
Online Event
Experts: Klaudia Archimowicz Malgorzata Radkiewicz


Big Ben in sunny day, London-1


Tuesday,  26.09.2023  | 5:00 PM
Online Event
Experts: Tomasz Dyl & Karl Konicz
London at night with urban architectures and Tower Bridge


Wednesday,  27.09.2023 |  17:00 
Online Event
Experts: Ola Fiddler & Kate Boguslawska


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Thursday,  28.09.2023  | 10:00 AM
Online Event
Expert: Sebastian Czajka


Thursday,  28.09.2023 |  5:00 PM
Online Event
Expert: Adrian Ociepka


Thursday,  29.09.2023 |  10:00 AM
Online Event
Experts: Ola Fiddler & Tomasz Dyl
Online Business Consultations


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Do you have any Questions


Who is organizing these events?

The events are organized by Polish Business Link (PBLINK), an independent platform dedicated to supporting Polish and diverse entrepreneurs in the UK. With a wealth of experience and expertise, PBLINK is committed to fostering growth and collaboration within the business community.

How can I register for the events?

Registering for our events is easy! Simply click on the "Register Now" button on our website, and you'll be guided through a quick and seamless registration process. Secure your spot and get ready for an enriching experience.

Can I ask questions during the events?

Absolutely! We encourage interaction and engagement. During the events, there will be opportunities for you to ask questions, share your insights, and participate in discussions with speakers and fellow attendees.

Are these events free to attend?

Online Business Consultations are part of the Polish Business Roadshow project supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from the Fund for Cooperation with Poles and Polish Diaspora Abroad. These Events with business experts are Free to attend.

Are these events only for Polish business owners?

While our roots are in supporting Polish entrepreneurs, our events are open to a wider audience. Whether you're a self-employed individual, an aspiring entrepreneur, or a business seeking to expand, you'll find valuable insights and connections at our events. Please contact us if you need language support. Most events are in the Polish language. 

Can my company colaborate with Polish Business Link?

Yes, we are always open to exploring partnerships that align with our mission of supporting business growth and collaboration. Feel free to reach out to us through our contact form to discuss potential partnership opportunities.