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Company Category Description Location
Adrian ME Offers Body, Brain, Business Audit - Do you struggle to stay consistent with fitness? Kick-start the change with a FREE 28-day Training & Nutrition plan! London
PractiPol Offers Join the Safer Business: Directors H&S Masterclass and improve your health, safety, and wellbeing leadership. This 5-week CPD course covers UK legisla UK
PBLINK Offers Try our Company Search: Instant access to 5m+ companies informations registered across the UK and Ireland Remote
Wisniewski Offers Training sessions for managers, candidates for managers and HR specialists of Poland's based companies. 80%-100% of the cost financed by PARP. Poland
Emplink Jobs Need skilled labourers or candidates for your job openings? We specialise in recruitment and have a ready workforce to construct any building swiftly and effectively. You can contact us now to learn how we can meet your needs. Call us at 02084526544 or email UK
Fe Dignity Offers Struggling to meet UN's goals? Achieve #SDG5 & #SDG13 with 'LOVE' eco-friendly products. Cut carbon footprint & boost gender equality Empower women. Herts
Playbook Offers Introducing the Networking Playbook – your ultimate guide to mastering networking. Developed by experts with over 35 years of combined experience. Remote
AutomateNow Offers Boost your website’s performance with expert audits from our UX and content creation specialists. We offer comprehensive analysis and actionable insights, integrated seamlessly with HubSpot CRM. Book a call today to unlock your site's full potential! UK

About B2B Classifieds

Growing a business requires people, partners, and promotion. Our free B2B Classifieds provides our community with a place to do all of this in a simple and organized listing format.

It's widely promoted among our 9,000+ members and guests.
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By submitting the form, you agree to the rules below.

  • Post ad in the appropriate category.
  • We do not accept more than one identical ad in a category. To refresh your ad on the list, use the boost option for £49.
  • We do not accept ads posted multiple times in different cities.
  • Ads can be used by both private individuals and representatives of business.
  • We reserve the right to remove or edit any ads whose content is unrelated to the site, violates the ad regulations or the PBLINK terms, or is morally unacceptable.
  • Before your ad appears on the site, it may be placed in a moderation queue.
Free vs Paid Ad

All ads are published on our board free of charge. For a small fee of £49, you can promote your ad at the top of the listing for 4 weeks, and we will also publish a social media post with your link.

Publishing a Free Ad:

  1. Submit the form with all required information and check the "Free Ad" box.
  2. Your ad will typically be published within 5 minutes on our page.

Publishing a Paid Ad:

  1. Submit the form with all required information and check the "Boost Your Ad" box.
  2. You will be redirected to a payment gateway to make a secure payment.
  3. Once the payment is made, your promoted ad will typically appear within 1 working day, and you will receive a confirmation from us.
  4. The social media link will be published within 7 days of ad publication.
Category Explanation

Make it easier to find your ad by choosing one of three categories:

  • Jobs: For job inquiries or recruitment, e.g., "Looking for a building company in North East London for extension work" or "Recruiting a Sales Manager."
  • Offers: For special offers on products or services, e.g., "Desk for rent in Manchester office, ideal for self-employed individual."
  • Partnerships: For partnership opportunities, e.g., distributors, sales partners, or investment opportunities.
Publishing Ads Best Practice


  1. Choose the appropriate category for your ad.
  2. Be precise with your description.
  3. Use our opportunity board to publish attention-grabbing listing to attract traffic
  4. Prepare your link with additional details for the next step.
How to edit my ad

If you published your ad by mistake, send us an email with the correct copy to:

When will my ad expire?

Ads will expire 60 days from the publication date.

I can't find my ad. Why?

There are several possibilities:

  • Your ad has not yet appeared on the site because it is awaiting approval;
  • Your ad has expired;
  • Your ad was removed from the site because it violated our rules.
What Other Promotion Options does PBLINK Offer?

PBLINK provides various B2B promotion tools to help you achieve your short and long-term goals. Join as a member, send emails to our 5k+ database, publish posts on our blog, and more. Contact us at