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    WBL’s Summary of event how to cope with stress

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    Women's Business Link 3, March 2022

    The first webinar of this year dealt with the omnipresent problem of stress. Whilst we know that stress can be good and motivating, more often we see the negative effects it has on our lives. 

    The ‘black plague’ of our times is here with us and it is vital that we know how to tame it and live with it.

    We invited three experts that covered the topic from three different angles.

    Firstly Gin Lalli, a Psychotherapist and Clinical Hypnotherapist, explained how stress works and how stress and anxiety are dealt with at her Solution Focused Therapy.  Gin is very passionate about mental health and often hosts mental health webinars and her own podcast.
    She explained that in her Solution Focused Therapy, she does not analyse past problems but equips her clients with tools that allow them to move forward and feel better. She has designed a 10-week programme, where using a combination of techniques including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), neuroscience and relaxation exercises, she helps their clients create change quickly and easily. 

    Gin has also written a book “How to Empty Your Stress Bucket”. It helps people deal with stress and improve their well-being. The book is available nationwide, and can be bought at Waterstones at

    Gin can be contacted in the following way:
    07590 317318

    Our second speaker, Lissa Leader, who is a Registered Nutritionist (MBANT) took a different angle. She is a director of Nutrileader Ltd, which  provides bespoke individual nutrition consultations and a range of nutrition services. Lissa’s job is to guide her clients towards optimum health and vitality in an accessible way and in harmony with the way her clients live their lives. She is conscious that her clients are often stressed and with limited time to take care of their well-being. Her methods are sympathetic to this predicament and therefore realistic and have high success rate. 

    Lissa recommended that any changes should be taken with small steps. It is better to gradually eliminate or introduce a product then to try to make a big change at once. She recommends moderation, also with healthy food and said that there is nothing wrong with an occasional treat and drink provided that we enjoy it. Lisa got a lot of questions from the audience and the discussion continued after her presentation.  

    Lissa can be contacted via LinkedIn ( or her website:


    Our third speaker was Wioletta Diamondheart, founder of Soul Experience with Wioletta Diamondheart.

    Wioletta is an advanced kundalini yoga teacher with over 20 years of experience in the field of yoga and healing. She is a founder of Rise & Shine movement, where she leads daily early morning kundalini yoga and meditation sessions connecting and inspiring people around the world to start a day with grace, balanced body & mind in full connection to the Soul. These sessions definitely ‘empty the stress buckets of their attendees’.  

    Wioletta has shown us a few simple exercises that  can help us in stressful situations, discrete breathing techniques and exercises that we can practice more regularly to build our stress sustainability.

    Wioletta can be reached via LinkedIn: and FB

    And her new daily practice BOLD & BEAUTIFUL GRACE & INNER BEAUTY 40 day morning kundalini shakti flow for graceful living starts on Monday 28.02.2022: 

    Our speakers have provided wealth of practical knowledge and we have received great feedback on the subject and the quality of our speakers. If you missed this important webinar, contact us for the recording.  


    Take care of yourselves. 

    MonikaSylwiaJoanna and Kate

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