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    WBL’s Summary of 2021

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    Women's Business Link 23, December 2021

    Another unusual year is ending. For some it was a great time for some it was a great teacher.

    For Women’s Business Link it was an eventful year and looking back we are happy that we have used every opportunity to meet our members and our community.

    Events in 2021

    The year started with a series of online webinars and meetings. We took care of our bodies through series of pilates classes and thanks to Lisa Leader’s nutritional knowledge. We took care of our minds thanks to Kundalini Yoga classes with Wioletta Dimondheart. We looked into career and business development with Brunel University mentoring scheme. Our member, Magdalena Hetman- Molecka taught us how to work from home safely and how to avoid back injury. We learned how to plan our business activities and how to price our services. GottaBe! Marketing have provided an ongoing marketing support and advice for our members. 

    And when the government allowed gatherings we had a picnic with pilates, yoga, magnificent food and wonderful chit-chats. This was such a successful event that we know we will repeat it next year!

    We met indoors too and every such meeting was a source of joy. It was wonderful to meet you in person and to feel energised from the positive atmosphere. 

    We celebrated WBL’s First Birthday with a party attended by over 60 people. Whilst we always want to include some added benefit to our meetings, this time the presentations were not only educational but also entertaining. We heard from Viki from GottaBe! Sally Hindmarch, an author and Director of Partners with You, and from our own Alex Fiddler, who herself had a successful year and was awarded a title of the Activist of the Year and the Personality of the Year by the readers of Woman in the World Magazine. 

    WBL’s Christmas Party was another jolly and popular event. The attendees enjoyed even if they were not on Georgie Hugh’s winning Christmas Quiz team. Everybody left with a Christmas present and a bunch of new friends. 

    So what to expect in the next year….

    We will continue in this sprit, facilitating opportunities for you to meet, make friends, learn new things and develop professionally and personally.

    Whenever we can we will continue organising face to face meeting and supplement them with online webinars. 

    The next year will bring new collaborations and new opportunities for our members. We will continue with the theme of wellbeing and development but we will be adding new topics to the mix. We can reveal that we will be developing our financial intelligence and knowledge. 

    For now we would like to thank you very much for the past year and for enriching this community with your presence. 

    We wish you a very happy New Year that will bring you a realisation of your dreams and plans.

    Lots of love


    MonikaSylwiaJoanna and Kate

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