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The end of the curious 2020 is almost upon us.

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Kate Boguslawska 20, December 2020

WBL Summary of 2020

This has been a taxing year. It has changed us all and it has forever changed the way we live. It has tested our human resilience and adaptability. Some have taken to it better than others.

For us, it is a year when Women’s Business Link has been born.

And although not all of our ambitious plans could be realised this year we are pleased and grateful for those that could come to fruition. We would like to take this moment to thank Bart and Anna for their ongoing support.

But most of all we would like to thank you – our Members and Supporters – for your presence, feedback and encouragement.

Events in 2020

We are ecstatic that you loved the webinars in the series ‘Success starts with Inspiration’ and ‘From Passion to Profession’. So far we have been inspired by Kasia Madera, Elaine Banton, Eva Hussain, Alex Fiddler , Barbara Bitis and Cathy Henton. In the next year prepare to be inspired even more…

So what to expect in the next year….

We will continue with the webinars, networking and support for our members. And we will organise face to face meetings when this will is possible again.

The New Year will mean resolutions. Our programmes will help you keep to these.

Our members will benefit from some exciting programmes from our members and associates.

Here are the exciting news:

We have partnered with:

  • Brunel University, which provides help for newly established business run by women,  there will be a webinar providing more information on how to qualify to take benefit  of Brunel’s mentoring scheme,
  • Compass Discovery, which provides help for women looking for a change  of career or a  new job,
  • Salt & Pepper Productions, a company providing a course on how to Be Video Confident will share a few tips how to pull this Zoom/camera confident look.

And more….

Members will benefit from materials, webinars and presentations relating to financial and legal issues as well as help with getting organised.

Work and career are not everything and our members will benefit from wellbeing activities:

  • On 21th January 2021 we will have a webinar with nutritionist Lissa Leader who will share some simple tricks that help us stay in shape,
  • Throughout January Aneta Kostrzewa of Train Your Body and Mind will provide Pilates classes,
  • We will experience more mindfulness and spiritual development thanks to  Violetta Diamondheart who will introduce us to the realm of meditation and kundalini yoga.

That’s to mention just a few. We are expecting an exciting 2021!

And taking this opportunity we would like to wish you all a truly beautiful Christmas and that the New Year brings you a realisation of your dreams and plans!

Lots of love


Monika, Sylwia, Joanna and Kate

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- October 21, 2020

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