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    Women Inspire and Help Women
    By Monika Serafinska on 7 April, 2022

    Our most recent event, which may have been our deepest meeting so far, was inspirational, and eye-opening on so many levels. 

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    WBL’s Summary of event Best Conversations happen in the Kitchen.
    By Women's Business Link on 9 March, 2022

    Best Conversations happen in the Kitchen, event summary

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    WBL’s Summary of event how to cope with stress
    By Women's Business Link on 3 March, 2022

    The first webinar of this year dealt with the omnipresent problem of stress. Whilst we know that stress can be good and motivating, more often we see...

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    Walking in Beauty, Living by Grace, Divine Feminine in present days.
    By Wioletta Diamondheart on 24 February, 2022

    How to cultivate our nature to open to the source within and feel our true essence? Many of us have spent years basing our self-worth on whether we...

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    Get to know visual merchandising tips and tricks
    By Renata Kaminska on 23 February, 2022

    The ongoing pandemic has clearly changed our shopping habits and, above all, reduced our visits to the shop. It has accelerated the shift towards a...

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    One simple tip how to cope with stress.
    By Wioletta Diamondheart on 18 February, 2022

    Stress has always been present in human’s life, however, the research shows that the last years have even increased the exposure. In those times of...

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