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    HR-People First Consultancy, employment management in London

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    Women's Business Link 1, July 2021

    HR-People First Consultancy was established in 2018 by Agata Mabena, an HR specialist with over 13 years of experience.

    Agata’s dream was to create a company that would not only help organisations to achieve their full potential, but also help individuals to make the most of their talents. Since then, the company has grown into a small team of Consultants who are passionate about helping organisations grow.

    They support a number of established companies, as well as entrepreneurial ventures within the hospitality sector focusing on Food Retail, Catering, Manufacturing and other professional services. They offer everything you would expect from a professional, bespoke, outsourced HR consultancy!

    HR-People First consultancy provides tailored HR solutions, while also working on specific projects. Their talented recruitment team will work quickly to address your needs, whether it is single hire or fulfilment of multiple roles. They will help you grow your business by ensuring that your people are engaged and motivated to deliver the best results.

    They have a vast amount of experience in many fields, from discrimination and absence to maternity and tribunals.

    They can assist you in your day-to-day administrative tasks including:

    • maintaining employee details;
    • staff handbook and contracts;
    • HR software;
    • updating databases internally, e.g. Holiday records, sick and maternity   leave
    • preparing and amending HR documents;
    • reviewing and renewing company policies and legal compliance;
    • being the first point of contact for employees on any HR related queries;
    • assisting with payroll & pension, and much more!

    The peace of mind that they bring allows you to take care of any difficulties in a quick and confident manner, leaving you able to do what you do best- run your business!!


    If you would like to find out how they can help you, HR-People First offers free 30min consultation. Contact Agat to book yours.

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