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    How to turn into holiday mood?

    Picture of Joanna Palinski
    Joanna Palinski 20, July 2022

    Everyone gets excited at the thought of a holiday and especially about holidays with a lot of sunshine. Summer holidays are loved by everyone!




    Studies have shown that going on holidays gives us a lot of benefits for both our mental and physical health:

    Here are some key benefits of holidaying:


    • Reduced stress 
    • Better sleep 
    • Clear mind
    • Decreased blood pressure 
    • Improved emotional health 
    • Better productivity at work after holidays
    • Increased energy level 


    All  the above combined give us happiness and life satisfaction. 

    Whether we relax at the beach, learn new sports, walk, cycle, admire nature, having a break is beneficial in many ways.  We need to decide what benefits are the best for us and take most of free time, time only for ourselves, our families and friends.

    It is easy to say to be in a holiday mood. 

    One thing is certain. Don’t force yourself to rest. It might sound ironic, but it is true!

    We often say that we shouldn’t do anything on holiday. What does it exactly mean not to do anything? We left our busy lives, only a couple of hours ago. We didn’t have time to close certain tasks, and this is fine to give ourself the right not to be perfect.

    If something bothers your mind, it is better to sit down and complete a certain task rather than think about it all the time.  I recommend making a to-do list. It can be done the day before you leave or on the  first day. I often do this on a plane, as I found that no one can disturb me. Once the list is done, I make a promise to myself:  These things can wait until my return and they will be completed then.

    This gives me peace of mind, that all is under control. Things will get done after I get my power back. My mind is then calm and ready to be in a holiday mood. Our body and mind might react differently, but we are responsible for our own happiness. No one will do this for us if our mind is not ready.

    When we reach our holiday destination, we might feel strange, we might feel lost where we are, without our responsibilities, without rushing from the morning. At the start of our holidays, we can often notice how addicted to work, we are. Studies have shown that only after a couple of days we are feeling more relaxed, and we get used to a different environment. When we put work aside, we start thinking and analysing our life. We often realise then, that we don’t follow our dreams and goals, and this makes us frustrated and unhappy.  On the other hand, we make new resolutions and start to live a different life after our return home. All of this is quite normal and let’s don’t punish ourselves for those thoughts.

    Enjoy the moment and get the most out of your holidays, but please don’t try to do too many things. We often say, let’s visit many places, go here and there,  and then, in the evening, we force ourselves to go for a late dinner. We end up being more tired.

    The most important thing is that any kind of holidays should be a spa for our mental and physical health. Chose the kind of holiday that clears your mind, is good for your soul and gives you pleasure and life satisfaction.

    Live your live now!

    With best wishes for your holidays!


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