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Celebrating WBL's 1st birthday

Picture of Kate Boguslawska
Kate Boguslawska 10, November 2021

Thank you for celebrating with us  WBL’s first birthday on 5 November 2021.

We had an incredible night and thank you all for co-creating it, for your presence and engagement.

We received nuggets of wisdom from our presenters and our senses were nourished by wonderful tastes and incredible fragrances. A lot of people contributed to the success of this event and we are extremely grateful to you all. 

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It would be marvelous if we could appreciate them by heading to their social media accounts, following and liking their pages.  With Christmas coming some of their products can make a unique and original gift: 

  • GottaBe!Marketing continuously supports our members.  Thank you for Wiktoria Frackowiak’s presentation. If you would like to take a benefit of their offer of  30 minutes free consultation, book your appointment via:
  • We all enjoyed Sally Hindmarch’s presentation on how to look and sound more confident when communicating and a lemon will never be the same to us! If you  want more practical information head to

Her book of Step Out From The Shadows , can be purchased in both audio and paper version on

Let’s do visit the above pages and support those creative and talented people!!!

And if you love the atmosphere and want to be more involved and benefit from discounted and free tickets to WBL’s events perhaps consider joining us!? Let’s have a conversation and see if our values and goals align ☺.

And finally, our Christmas party is on the 3rd of December 2021.

Register: HERE

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