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Hello and welcome to our Polish Business Link Membership Page. I look forward to welcoming you as a member very soon to one of our events.

Learn more about PBLINK Membership and how we have helped business owners to grow in the UK since 2013.

Bart Kowalczyk, Founder & Director

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PBLink is a great way of networking with businesses and people from any background. It is extremely inclusive and it's nice to see a modern inclusive networking event for anyone.

PBLINK is a thriving, friendly, professional diverse business network with UK businesses from numerous sectors, run by people of various nationalities and even some businesses from Poland and beyond.

What is Polish Business Link?

I set up PBLINK (Polish Business Link) in 2013 to support the Polish business community in Scotland but I soon realised the massive potential of diverse entrepreneurs across Britain and scaled the business from Scotland to London. Now PBLINK operates across the UK and Central Europe, bringing people together to build business relationships.

You will always find a good mix of business owners at PBLINK events. From self-employed polish builders to architects, kitchen fitters and web designers but also well-established entrepreneurs employing hundreds of people.

I have built PBLINK on a foundation of mutual respect and consideration. We work hard to build a welcoming atmosphere for everybody. It’s what makes our polish networking events so successful.

Bart Kowalczyk, Founder & Director


Membership Benefits

  • Membership Onboarding

  • Delegates List

  • Introductions

  • Business Profile

Each new member will go through an onboarding process

Each new member will go through an onboarding process that will include: setting up Business Profile in PBLINK Business Members Directory, an introduction call with Anna to review business objectives and plan ongoing engagement with Polish Business Link, a series of educational emails to help you make the most of your Membership.

Access to delegates list

Only Members will have access to the delegates list of those attending our online and in-person events. It will give members context in which they can start to build relationships. In most cases, the list will include first name, last name, job position, business, what networking contacts are they looking for and Linkedin address. On top of this members will have access to Webinar Recordings & Chat Transcripts of all of PBLINK events. Access is via Dropbox membership folder.


We aim to ‘’fish’ the best contacts for you for your 12-month membership and facilitate 2 warm introductions to other Members.

Business Profile in Directory promoting your business

Each member will get a Business Profile in the Members Directory with one do-follow link supporting your SEO.


Access to a pre-networking session before most of our online events.


Opportunity to contribute content to PBLINK eBooks = extra promotion of your brand.


Members will have access to our members-only Private Group on Facebook. Great way to network with others and send comments and questions.

Speaking & Exhibiting

Members have the opportunity to speak and/or exhibit at our events.

Membership Alert

Access to information is key to success. The Alert function allows you to network with other members 24/7.

Free Tickets

The average member saves up to £200 per annum on event fees. Free/discounted Events for members and up to 3 guests including Congress of Polish Entrepreneurs.

Content Support

Members can publish their own business events and other content on PBLINK website.


Only members can send dedicated emails to contacts in the PBLINK database (3k emails)

Membership Payment Plans

What others say


“PBlink helped me in many areas in my business: Building clients - hard to count but relationships gathered during events helped me to generate around £500k.”

“Since our company became a member of PBLink we have made many valuable business contacts that not only helped our company to be more recognisable on the market but also to expand our client base.”

“PBLINK help businesses in Poland as well as from Poland trying to set up in UK.”

What others say

Our Event Feedback based on 120 responses

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Need clarification?

What is Polish Business Link?

PBLINK (Polish Business Link) is a membership organisation and B2B blog. Our patron is the British Polish Chamber of Commerce (BPCC). Our aim is to facilitate business-to-business connections, help your company raise its profile, develop its valuable contact network and gain new contracts.

We host tailored networking events & business mixers across the UK and online to help Polish & other diverse business communities to grow in domestic and global markets. Our business-focused network and events attract business owners, directors and SMEs from a rich mix of business sectors including Construction, IT & Trade.

How many events does PBLINK organise?

We aim to organise a minimum of one Online and one Face2Face Networking event per calendar month.

What to expect when you join PBLINK?

Our network attracts diverse entrepreneurs from a variety of backgrounds. Therefore, when you join PBLINK we take you through our onboarding process to make sure that we understand your goals and what you want to achieve with us. Just as importantly, this gives you the opportunity to understand how we work and how you can make the most of your key membership benefits. The process takes about 4 weeks.

How much does it cost to join PBLINK?

Our Monthly Membership fee is £42 including VAT with no joining fee. 
Your membership brings a wide range of benefits. It does not matter whether you want to join as a business owner or individual – YOU decide how are we going to promote you and your business. If you own 2 businesses we can promote both in our business directory, social media, etc. If you are a serial entrepreneur owning more than 2 businesses you can promote all of your businesses by Becoming PBLINK Partner.

Where does my membership fee go?

PBLINK is self-financing. Membership fees are re-invested back into the organisation to help our member businesses to grow. Fees pay venue space for our full calendar of open and members-only events; for technology, to maintain our communications such as emailing distributions and our website that promotes members’ businesses, etc.

In all these ways and more, we generate quality leads for your business.

How can I pay for membership?

We prefer to collect membership payment via Credit Card or PayPal. We use the third-party secure checkout system Thrivecart. Once you join and pay your fee, the system will automatically remind and collect membership fees from your account on an annual or quarterly basis, depending on your payment plan. You can download invoiced from the Payment dashboard. 

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Anna Drogon
Head of Membership

Passionate about and consistently exceeding at enabling and nurturing business connections in the
UK & beyond. Our PBLINK business network operations create significant Polish-British business connections that lead to new business opportunities, making an appreciable impact for all of our partners & members.