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    Polish Business Link Membership Benefits Explained

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    Bart Kowalczyk 31, August 2020
    Relationships Matter in Business, so at PBLINK we listened to feedback from our members and we’ve adapted our membership offering. Please see our revised Membership Benefits.

    Polish Business Membership Onboarding

    Each new member will go through an onboarding process that will include: setting up Business Profile in Polish Business Members Directory, introduction call with Anna to review business objectives and plan ongoing engagement with PBLINK, a series of educational emails to help you make the most of your Membership.

    Ongoing engagement with other Polish Business Members

    We will stay in touch with you throughout your Membership, seek your feedback, suggest promotional opportunities, and provide website content that is interesting and useful for your business.


    We aim to ‘’fish’ the best contacts for you for your 12-month membership and facilitate 2 warm introductions to other Members.


    Opportunity to contribute content to PBLINK eBooks = extra promotion of your brand.

    Pre-Networking Online Sessions with other Polish Business Members

    Access to a pre-networking session before most of our online events. At the pre-networking session, we will be able to welcome new members, update our network about forthcoming events and go through the delegates list. We will also be promoting members at online events (public pitch, Member Name in Attendee List, putting the letter M next to surname [M=Member] so we can mix members in the breakout rooms).

    Delegates List

    Only Members will have access to the delegates list of those attending our online and F2F events. It will give members context in which they can start to build relationships. In most cases the list will include: first name, last name, job position, business, what networking contacts are they looking for and Linkedin address. On top of this members will have access to Webinar Recordings & Chat Transcripts of all of PBLINK events. Access is via Dropbox membership folder.

    Join PBLINK EN

    No Penalty fees

    Non-members booking but not attending our events might be charged a no-show fee of up to £100 depending on the event. This fee won’t apply if you are a PBLINK Member.


    Members will have access to our members-only Private Group on Facebook. Great way to network with others and send comments and questions.

    Speaking & Exhibiting at the Polish Business Events in London

    Members have the opportunity to speak and/or exhibit at our events. Please note priority for this benefit goes to PBLINK Partners and partners must approve members’ engagement first.

    Access to Membership Hub

    Membership Hub gives access to all membership resources in one place: recent events, important announcements, webinar recordings & chat transcripts, business opportunities, access to private groups on Facebook, delegates lists and more. 


    PBLINK Membership Hub

    Access to Membership Alert

    Access to information is key to success. The Alert function allows you to network with other members 24/7. Learn more how to use this tool here.

    Business Profile in Polish Business Directory

    Each member will get a bilingual Polish-English Business Profile in the Members Directory with one do-follow link supporting your SEO. Look at the Directory.

    Free Polish Business Business Event Tickets

    The average member saves up to £200 per annum on event fees. Free/discounted Events for members and up to 3 guests including Congress of Polish Entrepreneurs, Construction Forum, Thames & Golf Networking. This is a great way to invite your partners/Clients and add extra value to your offering.

    Content Support

    Members can publish their own business events and other content on PBLINK Website.

    Social Media support

    We use Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter to communicate with our members and guests. All members content will be promoted in our social media accounts.


    Only members can send dedicated emails to contacts in the PBLINK database (2k emails, fee £200 + VAT). After send out they will receive a detailed report from the mail-out and all replies will be forwarded to the member. Emailing to be in the format approved by PBLINK (max one image, short content of 1-1.5k characters, call to action with link).

    Members-only event

    Members will get exclusive access to our members-only events.


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    - December 13, 2020

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