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Business Events in the Polish Embassy in London

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Bart Kowalczyk 8, September 2020

Learn More about one of our key event: British Polish Business Insights Lunch in Polish Embassy in London

We strive to bring our members a very wide range of events, many unique to PBLINK.

A good example of this is our Business Insights series, when we team up with the British Polish Chamber of Commerce and the Polish Embassy in London to deliver relaxed, informal networking in a highly prestigious venue.

The formal part of the event starts with a welcome address by His Excellency the Polish Ambassador before a discussion panel of renowned industry experts on a pertinent issue of the day, followed by informal networking over a hot buffet of traditional Polish food. 5 businesses are drawn at random to give a 30-second pitch to the room and we will try to introduce you to anyone you want to speak to regarding your business venture.

British-Polish Business Event Format

It’s a proven recipe for successful networking and very popular, regularly attracting influencers in the British-Polish business community. 

After a welcome by the Polish Embassy, we will usually hear short Business Insights from one or two guest speakers before our introduction session and informal networking over lunch. This is a standing event, with a hot fork buffet of pierogi (Polish dumplings). Networking is a key part of the function. Organisers will endeavour to match you with your desired contact to facilitate the process of potential commercial ventures. 3 businesses will be drawn to give a 30-second elevator pitch to the room.

British Polish Business Event in London 2019

As with many PBLINK events, attendees tend to continue networking in a nearby pub afterwards.

For further details, please see British Polish Business Insights Lunch

Cost: This event is free for members but booking conditions apply


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- December 13, 2020

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