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Bart Kowalczyk 13, December 2014
Polish Business Link is a membership organisation and B2B portal. Our patron is the British Polish Chamber of Commerce (BPCC). Our aim is to facilitate business-to-business connections, helping your company raise its profile, develop its valuable contact network and gain new contracts.

We host tailored networking events & business mixers, across the UK and further afield, to help Polish & other diverse business communities to grow in domestic and global markets. Our business-focused network and our events attract business owners, directors and SMEs from a rich mix of business sectors.

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Polish entrepreneurs have rapidly established themselves across the UK in the ten years since Poland joined the EU. Today, more than 21,000 Poles have set up nearly 22,000 companies in the UK, while another 65,000 Poles are self-employed. According to research by the Centre for Entrepreneurs think tank and financial technology company, DueDil, Poles are the sixth largest nationality to set up businesses in the UK, behind Ireland, India or USA, but ahead of France, Italy, Australia or Holland.

As the Polish community in the UK showed an enormous interest in issues connected with running a business in the UK, so there appeared the idea of creating a place where their needs could be met: a place where entrepreneurs seeking new business partners, franchisees, distributors, investors or people willing to set up a business in the UK could meet, talk and exchange views. The idea was developed in late 2012, and a portal dedicated to entrepreneurial Poles operating in the British market was starting to take shape. Polish Business Link was launched in August 2013.

In 2014, Polish Business Link became the facilitator of the annual Congress of Polish entrepreneurs in London, attracting in excess of 200 business people. The all-day Congress focuses on such issues as:

  • Funding for business start-ups and growth
  • Legal, tax and financial issues facing entrepreneurs in the UK
  • Marketing
  • HR issues

It also provides practical insight into the UK economy.

The Congress is attended by some of the most successful Polish entrepreneurs operating in the UK who are motivated to share their experience with the participants.

In 2016, we launched a new layout and refreshed logo for the PBLink portal. Our new look signals that we are open to innovative projects and partnerships appropriate to the times. The portal has gained a clearer format with a bespoke design, taking into consideration the business character of the project. The current layout allows for better display of the valuable content that will certainly be appreciated by entrepreneurs interested in the British market. The website has been also optimised for mobile devices.

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